Monsun 31: the primal Hallberg-Rassy

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You may recognise the title above. It is already from a while ago. In the Waterkampioen of 21 June 2012, there was an extensive article on this primal-Hallberg-Rassy. But will you wonder why this article? That is what I am going to tell you.

On 16 June last, I joined my friend Frits Dreyer of the HR 35 Meganissi to sail the boat across to Zeeland. We were to take the boat to Roompot in two stages so that their holiday could start directly in Zeeland a week later. Just before leaving, I briefly visit the toilet block. On my return, a HR 31 Monsun named Charlotte was moored at the mooring jetty. I recognise this boat immediately. This boat was the main character in an article in the Waterkampioen (unfortunately, the magazine no longer exists).  Click here for article.

This article has always been kept by my father, who had a Monsun himself. When he passed away on 20 March last, this article came into my possession. The owners of Charlotte, Jan and Loes Braamhorst, are still sailing this ship, which with construction number 32 is one of the oldest Rassys sailing around in the Netherlands, I guess. I naturally chat to them and ask if they know the Connection. They don’t. I briefly tell them what the Connection is and that they should have a look at our site on the internet. They would. I hope they will become members. But this conversation causes me to go back in time in my mind. It was then winter 1976/1977. Our family then sailed around in an Albin Vega. An 8.25-metre boat. Who doesn’t know this boat. But my father wanted a size bigger and more solid. That winter we visited both Boot Düsseldorf and the Hiswa. The Hiswa even several times and although you would think that the Albin Ballad would then be chosen as the logical successor to the Vega, the choice came down to a Contest 31 or a Hallberg-Rassy 31 Monsun. After much deliberation, it became the Monsun. The underwater hull, a traditional S-frame, was the deciding factor. And the fact that the mast could not be lowered was something my father accepted.

In the spring of 1977, my father and I made several trips to Bruinisse to look at the new acquisition. At the time, the Rasmussen and Monsuns stood in large numbers on the premises at Peek Yachting. The building number was written on the keel in felt-tip pen. We were given number 434. In the end, we had the Monsun (named Grobbebol) for 38 years. A lovely rock solid boat that is timeless.

The nice thing about the above article is that it also describes part of the history of the origin of Hallberg-Rassy and mentions our current importer Paul Hameeteman. All in all, well worth reading.

Happy reading!

Your HRC reporter Edwin Fennema (HR 352 Grobbebol)

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  1. En een leuk artikel. Wat de eigenaars van de Charlotte zeggen over hun boot heb ik ook met de mijne: ik wil nooit meer iets anders. Toch een voorrecht als je dat van je boot kan zeggen.

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