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Welcome on the site of the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie, an association for Hallberg-Rassy owners. The site is built with a general part and a specific part that is only accessible for members.

Becoming a member is possible for Hallberg-Rassy owners. More information about membership can be found via the ‘Become a member’ menu.


Sailing together

This section is for members only.

New Members

Dit deel is alleen voor leden.


Members only

Membership benefits

  • Connection: get in touch with other Hallberg-Rassy sailors.
  • Sailing: participating in the annual Hallberg-Rassy Tour with an emphasis on socializing.
  • Events: participating in the annual Captains Dinner in winter.
  • Information exchange: possibility to exchange information via the members section of the website.
  • HRC online shop: with unique HRC articles.

Two years Hallberg-Rassy Connectie

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