Privacy Policy

Hallberg-Rassy Connectie
The Hallberg-Rassy Connectie wants to serve you as good as possible when you visit our website. That is why in certain events we have to process some data from you. The Hallberg-Rassy Connectie takes your privacy very seriously. We therefore treat your data with the utmost care. The most important thing is that the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie always adheres to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp).

For what purpose does the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie process my personal data?
The Hallberg-Rassy Connectie uses the personal data provided by you via this website for the following purposes: (i) the organization of an event, (ii) the execution and / or processing of transactions (payments) that take place via the website, (iii ) facilitating and promoting the mutual Connection between members of the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie.

Which personal data does the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie process of me?
The data that is processed is only data necessary for the execution of the above purposes. For example, you can think of: ship name, ship type and year of construction, name of crew, address, place of residence, email and so on.

Are my details properly secured?
Yes, in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (Article 13 Wbp), the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie ensures an adequate and appropriate level of security.

Where can I go if I want to see my data or have other questions about the privacy policy?
If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the use of your personal data or have any other questions about the privacy policy of the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie, please contact us at

Does the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie use cookies, and if so, for what?
Yes, the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie places a number of cookies on your computer. These are small text files that your browser stores on your computer when you visit our website. We use cookies that are necessary for the technical operation of our website. With the help of these cookies, we can, for example, ensure that you do not have to enter the same information each time you visit our website.

In addition, we use so-called ‘analytics cookies’ to map the use of the website with the aim of increasing the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the website for the users. These cookies are not used to map your behavior.

What does the Privacy Policy mean for members of the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie?
By setting a tick on the HRC membership registration form, members of the HRC explicitly state that they agree with the Privacy Policy of the Hallberg-Rassy Connection and that they will respect the privacy of the fellow members of the HRC. This implies that HRC members will not share the personal data and the ship data included in the accessible part of the HRC website under any circumstances with third parties.

Can the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie change the Privacy Policy?
Yes, the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy. We will of course inform you about this via our website.