Hallberg-Rassy Connectie Wadden event cancelled due to tightening COVID-19 measures

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Dear members of the Hallberg-Rassy Connectie,

Yesterday (23 March 2020) the Dutch government further tightened up some of the measures previously announced to combat the spread of the coronavirus. What is new is that the ban on events has been extended until 1 June, even when less than 100 people are involved. 

This means, among other things, that the Wadden event organised with great enthusiasm and dedication at Whitsun can unfortunately not take place, although we are very pleased with this. regret, of course, our health takes precedence at all times. We follow developments closely and we hope that at a later date we will be able to sail to Terschelling with a large fleet of Hallberg-Rassy Connectie vessels.

Unfortunately, we have to take into account that other events planned in June will soon have to be rescheduled or cancelled as well.

Through the website we will keep you informed about whether or not Hallberg-Rassy events will take place.

We hope to see you all in good health again soon!

With warm greetings,

Tom van Disseldorp, Commissioner North

Robbert-Jan Poerstamper, Chairman


1 thought on “Hallberg-Rassy Connectie Wadden event geannuleerd door aanscherping COVID-19 maatregelen

  1. Too bad the event has been postponed but this is in all our interests.
    We'll beat that covid-19.

    I can't stress enough that "social distancing" is super important.
    Stay as much as possible in your own bubble.
    Keep it safe in the marinas.

    And down to the water.

    Bernard Stockman
    Commissioner South

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